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What to expect when your doe is expecting
Hi,all of us at Ivy Brook Farm thought that it is a good Idea to have some
informational pages on our web site. We are a 4-H family and I (Rachel) am a
4-H goat leader.So all this info I am about to tell you is what we have read or
have been told or what we have expirienced with our goats.
We are in no way
Veterinarians So please if you are in need of veterinarian help please call one
right away. This page and others like it is just informational/educational! We(Ivy
Brook Farm or residence of ) are in no way responsable for what you do with
your goats with out the advice or help  of your veterinarian.
One Month Gestation: Does will not show any signs of being pregnant. they will how ever not come back into heat.
Some does will even eat more hardely. but eating more isn't a sign of pregnancy.
Two Months Gestation: At this point your doe hasn't come back into heat at all and now you want to send off a urin
sample or a blood sample to see for sure that she is pregnant. With a URIN sample they test for TOTAL ESTROGEN
number levels. The numbers tell you if your doe is infact pregnant and
about how many kids to expect.With a BLOOD
sample you send it off and they will test for hormones if the hormone is there then the lab will call and say YES your doe
is pregnant. If the hormone isn't there then they will call and say NO your doe isn't pregnant.
Three Months Gestation: At this point some Does start to "udder up" a bit. which means their teats won't be firmly
attached (
firmly attached udder)to their abdominen any longer. they will be a little bit "poochie"(poochie udder) about a
handful maybe. All does are different. Last year all my does even my first timers had a "poochie" udder at this point in
their gestation. This year however only one of my does has a handful and the rest have a little sag in their udder
development ( about a finger pinch). So that is how some does are different.
Four Months Gestation: At this point you may be able to put your hand under the belly right infront of the udder and
put a firm press (not a push) and feel the kid(s) moving. It will feel like what it feels like when you put your hand on the
belly of a pregnant human and you feel the baby move against your hand.Twords the end of this month you will beable
to look at the side of your doe (her right side) and SEE them moving arround in her belly. If your doe is carrying twins
she will look something like this:
Prego2 If she is carrying only one kid she will look something like this: Prego 1
Also at this stage you will want to give your doe her Shots she will need a C&D/T shot (for over eating disease and
tetanus.) and a BO SE shot (for selenium in the areas of the world where the land is selenium deficient)) those shots are
very important to your doe and to your kids.
Please ask your veterinarian for advice with what your goat needs for
shots and etc... You don't want to over dose your doe on something she doesn't need
Five Months Gestation: At this point you will want to make up a list of kidding supplies. (Click here for a list of what
I use and pictures.
) You will want to either make a kidding pen or make sure you have a spot in your barn where you
can seperate your doe from the rest of her herd while in labor.(please only seperate your doe at arround 145-150 days
gestation) make sure that either the kidding pen or the spot that you have secured for your doe to be in labor is where
she can see her herd mates. goats don't like to be seperated from their herd for very long they get lonely. Now that you
have your kidding supplies and a kidding pen you now have got to wait for her to come in to labor. One way to tell
wether or not your doe is going to kid in 12-24 hours is to check her tendons on her rump that go at a 45 degree angle
from the head of her tail to her rump (
click here for an example) put your hand over her head of her tail (middle of palm
to middle of tail head) and spread your fingers an press down and move them back and forth you will either feel nothing
wich means she is going to come in to labor or you will feel two cords that are about a little less the size arround of a #2
pencil. Practice this feeling of tendons at arround 4 months so you know what they feel like when they are present.When
they are gone they are gone and you won't beable to feel them at all. also your doe will have dropped and you will see
that her belly has dropped down
(see picture) her sides will have sunken in at the flank and her tail bone will be raised
up. you should beable to almost be able to wrap your fingers arround the head of her tail bone.her vulva will be swollen
Some does also will start secreating a white mucus from their vulva  arrount one month till up to the day of
delivery. some does don't do that at all. Like I said some does are different. Her udder will start to fill up too......